Our review of the year 2018-2019

During this 2018-2019 course, Sustainability by Education has begun to consolidate its activity in Barcelona and has developed in other European cities, mainly Paris. The previously-established methodology has proved to be a success and has allowed us to conduct a total of 14 workshops in 7 different educational centers, spread across 3 countries. Around 370 children have participated in our activities!

The majority of the members of the association started the course in Paris, where they took their second year of the Master in Renewable Energies and Sustainability (at the prestigious Polytechnic School of Paris). There, they quickly established a close relationship with several volunteering associations and educational centers to expand our project in the French capital. A total of six workshops have been performed this year in this city! We especially want to thank the association Acteurs du Paris Durable for their support and the Federico García Lorca College, the Luis Buñuel Lyceum and the Canopée Media Library for the trust they have placed in us throughout the year.

During the recent months, and with many members already back to Barcelona, ​​we have continued conducting workshops in the Catalan capital. The intention is to establish a true base of the association in this city, and we already have many things ready for the next course. For the moment, we want to thank the trust of Escola Arrels, which invited us to hold four workshops over two mornings.

Other activities have taken place during the course, most notably the recent double workshop at Scuola Media A.Oriani (Bologna, Italy). At the beginning of the course we also held workshops in schools in Matadepera (Spain) and Alberobello (Italy). And we are developing activities for Portugal and Germany!

During this course we have also established ourselves as an official association in Europe, and we have launched our website where we write about our activity in schools. We have also started our Weekly Posts series, through which we want to disseminate knowledge to the general public through educational articles that may interest everyone. We recommend everyone to take a look if you have not done so yet!

Sustainability by Education works thanks to the collaboration of dozens of experts who help us develop content, write articles and, above all, prepare and conduct the workshops. Without them, many of the activities developed during this course would not have been possible. We want to thank all of them for their involvement and dedication, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

And if you, reader, are interested in our project – know that you could be the next collaborator! After the summer we will open a “call to action” so that all those interested can collaborate with us in the way that suits you best. Stay tuned!

Thank you all for your support during this course, and until September!

Presenting our work to other voluntary associations in the city of Paris, November 2018.

Workshop at the Canopée Media Library, Paris (April 2019).

Workshop at the international high school Federico García Lorca, in Paris (March 2019).

Workshop at the Luis Buñuel International Institute, in Paris (June 2019).

Workshop at the Arrels School, in Barcelona (June 2019).

Workshop at the Montcau school, in Matadepera, Spain (november 2018).

Visit to the Sun Factory, in Barcelona (April 2019).

One of our many strategy meetings that took place in Paris.

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