Sustainability by Education performs its first three workshops in Paris!

A couple of weeks ago, we performed the first Sustainability by Education workshop in the city of Paris! For months, we’ve been working towards making this a reality and it finally is! We couldn’t be happier and we are excited to finally share the details with you.

The activity took place on Monday, February 11th at the Federico García Lorca Middle School, located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. It is a Spanish school, so we performed the talks in Spanish, a language that all the members established in Paris speak. During the day, we performed the workshop to three different groups of students, aged between 9 and 12. A total of 58 children participated in the activity!

The six Sustainability by Education members currently established in Paris spent the whole day at the school, performing the talks and engaging with the teachers in-between sessions. We are really grateful to the School’s Director Mariano Ruiz, Maria Mallol and the rest of the teachers for the trust they placed in us and the help and advice they gave us throughout the process. We received valuable insight that helped us then and will surely help us in the future.

The activity, which was based on and adapted from the content already developed for our previous workshops, was a resounding success. Most of the students, especially in two of the groups, were extremely engaged and participated a lot during the talks, which made our work much easier and meaningful. We really had never found this level of engagement in our previous talks, and we were very positively surprised.

In which of these two houses would you rather live? The energy efficiency section gave a lot to talk about!

All in all, we could see both the students and the teachers highly pleased with the result of the workshop and this makes us extremely happy. We feel that we really succeeded in getting through to the students and teaching them some very valuable ideas that they are not taught anywhere else. We hope that they will carry their learnings into the future and that this workshop planted the seeds of something greater.

For our part, we are now going to work on the feedback gained thanks to this activity and further develop and adapt our methodology and content. We are working on several future workshops (the first of which will be also in Paris), so we will keep you updated with more information on the following weeks.

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