Sustainability by Education performs another workshop at a Spanish school!

Some weeks ago, one of our collaborators performed another Sustainability by Education® workshop at an elementary school. The activity reached many children and was a resounding success in its execution!

Vicenç Calduch, on the day of his birthday, went back to his former school (Montcau-La Mola, in Matadepera, Spain) to give a talk about sustainability and energy. Using Sustainability by Education’s material, he performed the talk to an audience of 57 students from 4th grade. He describes the experience as follows:

“Who would have guessed that it would be one of my most fulfilling experiences recently! The students made it easy for me and they were really enthusiastic. I can say loud and clear that it was the best present I could get myself and, in the future, I would do it again!”

In his own words: “Sometimes, you need to visit where you come from to know where you are going”.

We are extremely grateful for Vicenç’s participation and hope to arrange many other collaborations like this one in the near future. The Sustainability by Education brand and methodology are expanding, and we couldn’t be happier!



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