Ateliers de la journée des bénévoles (en Mexique)

Every year the Technological Institute for Superior Studies of Monterrey, wants to give back to their community through one day of volunteering. In the Mexico City Campus, last year, two local schools were chosen, and more than 100 university students, professors and alumni gathered to benefit these schools. Within a series of activities to rehabilitate the schools, Sustainability by Education offered a one-hour workshop for some of the kids and their parents.

The Escuela Primaria Martín Torres Padilla is a primary public school. While other volunteers were painting the walls, others were fixing the garden, and we gathered on the floor in the middle of the patio to talk about sustainability. There were around 25 kids from ages 5 to 10 as well as their parents. The workshop focused on the concept of sustainable development and the seventeen goals. Since the parents were also eager to participate, some of the activities were adapted for them too.

The range of ages was big, therefore not all had the same knowledge about the topic. So, we started from the beginning. First, we described the different spheres of sustainable development while the kids introduced themselves. There were aspiring doctors, chefs, football players, an archeologist, and teachers. With this we built out three dimensions of sustainability and asked them how they would interact with the different dimensions in their careers. After this introduction we focused on opening a conversation with the kids, their parents and the volunteers regarding the different sustainable development goals, and we asked examples for them.

Afterwards, we perform a play so the concepts of sustainability and its relationship with nature would stick. The play helped the kids to understand that we need to think about others in order for the world to be fairer, as well that everything that we do will impact someone else in one way or another. Both the kids and the parents agreed in trying to find strategies in their everyday lives to reduce waste and pollution, to have better planets.

The last part of the workshop consisted of the kids building a toy from reusable materials. In the end the creations included an airport, a limousine, a monster and a dollhouse.

In the Jardín de Niños Eucario Leon López, is a kinder school. There were around 15 kids from ages 2 to 4. In this school, the challenge was of course talking about sustainability to such a young audience. Therefore, the workshop focused more on the environmental aspects and the relationship we have with our planet. For the main activity, the kids decorated their pot made from reusable materials and planted a bean to take care of.

We hope these activities, which were full of fun, also meant a little seed for them, and that this seed will continue growing. The event during which the workshop took place is a yearly event which makes it possible to repeat and grow on the knowledge of last year.

These were the first two workshops in Mexico City, which helped conformed the team to support it. Particularly, Ariadne Rentería and Valeria García engaged in the preparation of materials and are ready for the next workshop.

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