7 products you didn’t know there was a reusable alternative

Back in May of this year we talked about the large amount of plastic that we massively consume without practically giving it any importance. We talk about the need to implement the classic 3Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. Well, this week we return to this topic, but this time to show you a few everyday products that normally are single-use or disposable, but for which there are much more sustainable reusable alternatives.

1- Reusable bottles. We start with an easy one. This first example is already relatively widespread in many jobs and study places. Plastic bottles continuously generate a very important volume of plastic waste.

2- Sandwich wrap. Every time you prepare a sandwich to go have lunch at the beach, in the countryside, etc … that piece of aluminium foil that bothers you to use but that you need to carry your food in the backpack, you can change it for reusable wrappers washable in washing machine!

3- Bamboo towels to replace the kitchen paper. When you unintentionally throw coffee on the floor, or you spill the oil on the table, you start wasting pieces and pieces of kitchen paper, well, did you know you could avoid it by replacing this paper with washable and reusable bamboo towels. Now you’ll think twice when you go to the supermarket and go through the cleaning section!

4- Tea infuser. That tea bag that you drink after having lunch and that you cannot recycle because it is mixed with organic waste, is about to disappear. With these reusable infusers you will not need to worry about which bin you should throw it away. Simply, after using it, you wash it and it is ready to go.

5- Reusable Nespresso capsules. These capsules are undoubtedly a source of rarely recycled plastic waste. Especially in your workplace, there are people and people continually going to the coffee maker and generating large amounts of waste. By replacing these single-use capsules with reusable ones, you will be able to save the planet a good pile of trash.

6- Bags for bulk purchase. And what better, to fill your reusable coffee capsule, than going with your own bag to the bulk store and buy plastic-free coffee. It can be coffee, but also macaroni, cookies, beans, and endless products. Many times, this type of stores offer paper bags to keep, weigh and carry the products, but it is even more sustainable to carry your own.

7- Straws. The European Union, and little by little more countries around the world are banning plastic straws, being one of the products that has the shortest shelf life, well for those who love to drink their beverage with one of these, reusable metallic ones are the solution!

We hope you could adapt some of these ideas and see you in the next post!

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