Does my diet affect global warming?

We have all heard about Mediterranean cuisine, American cuisine, Indian cuisine, Mexican cuisine… Therefore, we could state that the diet we follow depends, to some extent, on our culture. And even if people have different habits, there is a clear global trend: Every time we eat more meat. In fact, meat production grows faster than Read more about Does my diet affect global warming?[…]

12 tricks to reduce your energy consumption at home

According to Eurostat, households represent a 25% of the final energy consumption in Europe, a sector only exceeded by transport, which represents a 33%. Understanding final energy as the energy that reaches the final consumer’s door, in the case of households this energy is mainly provided in the form of electricity and natural gas, and Read more about 12 tricks to reduce your energy consumption at home[…]

Sustainability by Education does another workshop in Paris!

On Sunday 27th, we went to the Canopée Library to perform a workshop on ecology and sustainability  to Parisian children of all ages! The activity reached a dozen of children and was a resounding success! The Médiathèque Canopée is a library located in Châtelet, at the heart of Paris. It boasts a very dynamic program Read more about Sustainability by Education does another workshop in Paris![…]

Global warming – Myth or reality?

Within the scientific community, there is a strong consensus regarding the existence of a global warming process, whose consequences would be devastating if no action is taken to stop it. However, there are many people – from normal citizens to the president of the United States –  denying climate change. Thus, in this first Weekly Read more about Global warming – Myth or reality?[…]