Workshop at Escola Arrels, in Barcelona

Taking advantage of the last weeks of class, the SbE Barcelona team realised four more workshops to secondary school students of ages comprised between 11 and 13 years old. These events were held at Escola Arrels, a concerted school located in Sant Andreu’s district.

Sebastián talking about which type of energy we can produce in our own rooftop

Being aware of the great success achieved with the Sustainability by Education’s methodology in the rest of the workshops carried out during the last year, the storyline of the 2-hour sessions kept the “Sustainability + Energy” structure. However, new concepts, such as sustainable mobility, and new approaches, such as the use of audio-visual material, were implemented with very positive outcomes.

Thanks to the high enthusiasm and participation shown by the pupils, we discussed some interesting topics beyond the ones written in the slides or prepared in the different activities carried out. As an illustration, we talked about the need for an international organism capable to impart justice in terms of resources allocation or greenhouse gas emissions limitation, as well as about the reasons why some lobbies try to impede a faster (and possible) energy transition towards renewable energy sources.

Chaos and confrontation in the Resources Game

Overall, we had a really good time with the 121 different students that attended the four sessions and, as it is continuously happening to us, we left another school wiser than how we entered.

Finally, we would like to sincerely thank Escola Arrels for opening their doors to us and the two recently integrated Barcelona team members, Marta and Míriam, for joining us in the workshops and for actively participate in the educational content creation.

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