Workshop at the Spanish High School in Paris

Last Saturday, May 15, three Sustainability by Education instructors went to the Luis Buñuel Spanish High School, in the west of Paris, for another day of workshops and talks to school students! The theme was again “Sustainability and Energy”, and the talk followed the same pattern as the previous ones but with some changes.

In the sessions, of 2h each, the concept of sustainability was explained, as well as its implications. We discussed the options that people have to be more sustainable in our day to day and take better care of the environment, as well as promoting a sustainable lifestyle in others. The activities also had a focus on society and international dynamics, with various games that highlighted the current global problems and the measures needed to improve in the near future.

The students were also able to learn the different types of energy that exist today and why the current energy sector is unsustainable and harmful to the environment. The concepts of renewability and non-renewability were introduced and discussed, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each type and all the nuances that exist.

The talk was given to a group of 29 French and Spanish students of 12/13 years and to another group of 17 students of 13/14 years. The boys and girls were very participative and showed great interest in all the concepts, ideas and technologies presented! We have already discussed with teachers the possibility of performing more workshops throughout the following academic year, both for other age groups and about other topics of interest for their educational program. Always in the line of pedagogical sustainability that we practice.

Both sessions were a real success and we are very happy to have reached so many young people! We hope to continue growing in Paris next year and expand our reach!

We want to thank wholeheartedly Marcos Salido and Kevin Rengifo for helping us with the preparation and execution of the activity! Without them, it would not have been possible.

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