Welcome to the weekly post of Sustainability by Education! [English]

As you may know, we are young professionals specialized in the field of renewable energy and sustainability, and our goal is to share our knowledge with as many people as possible. Our current way of doing this is to go to schools and organise interactive workshops with children and teenagers. However, we also believe that by explaining some important concepts in our blog, we can make an impact by reaching a wide audience of people of all ages!

How will the post work?

Each Thursday, a post focused on a topic will be released. We will try to touch a wide variety of topics related to sustainability such as climate change, food, energy, and human behaviour, among others. We will also have external experts that will collaborate with us so we can learn about a wider variety of topics.

We will have a “comments” section, and we encourage you to actively participate on it, asking questions and participating in constructive discussions. We may write posts about the topics that appear the most in this section!

From our side, we will publish posts that will be objective, fact-based, and professional. We also declare that all the members in our group do not have any kind of conflict of interests. Finally, we will do our best to create posts that are fun and engaging for all of you!

So, what’s next?

Next Thursday we will release our first post, which will explain basic facts about climate change and analyse the issue of climate change denial. We hope you will enjoy it!

See you next Thursday 🙂

The Sustainability by Education team


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