Sustainability by Education presents its project to the city of Paris!

After a very successful year in Barcelona, Sustainability by Education has arrived in Paris with the desire to become part of the local panorama of associations fighting every day for a more sustainable future. We have always wanted to expand our brand to other European cities, and this year marks a great opportunity.

Six members of Sustainability by Education are currently studying our second year of Masters in École Polytechnique, in Paris. We are Júlia Bayascas, Eloi Bigas, David Córcoles, Eloi Delgado, Estaban Pastor and Sebastián Zaera. Our task for this year is to keep developing our network in Barcelona while at the same time establishing our project in Paris.

With this aim in mind, and once we had acclimated ourselves to life in Paris, we started networking with Parisian institutions and associations related to renewable energies and sustainable development. Our first major breakthrough was attending a meeting with other local institutions on the 16th of October, called Réseautage et Papotage, organized by Les Acteurs du Paris Durable; an association that provides a framework for organizations working towards making Paris a greener city.

In that meeting we were able to introduce our project to some of the most involved and driven actors of the sustainability scene in Paris. We met other local organizations involved in diverse topics, ranging from electric bikes to solar panels, with some also focused on the spread of knowledge; and we also met people who offered to collaborate with our project either as instructors or as local contacts.

Step by step, we plan on establishing ourselves on the local society and finding ways to put our methodology into practice here in the city of Paris. We are already talking with some schools and public associations to see where we will organize our first Parisian workshop!

If you have any information that can help us speed up this process, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are very happy to meet the people and organizations working to make Paris a greener city. Thank you for your warm welcome!



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