Electric vehicles – More or less sustainable than conventional vehicles?

Electric vehicles are usually presented to the mass population as the solution to decarbonise the transportation sector. However, are we really helping the environment by investing in such vehicles? Controversial studies have been carried out showing that, in fact, the battery manufacturing of the EV plus the emissions produced during the lifetime of the vehicles En savoir plus surElectric vehicles – More or less sustainable than conventional vehicles?[…]

L’empreinte carbone du numérique

The usage of information and communication technologies (ICTs) – computers, smartphones and in general any device using telecommunications – is not exempt from the emission of greenhouse gases, since the electricity needed to run them mostly comes from non-renewable energy sources, specially coal. Understanding carbon footprint as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the En savoir plus surL’empreinte carbone du numérique[…]

Ateliers de la journée des bénévoles (en Mexique)

Every year the Technological Institute for Superior Studies of Monterrey, wants to give back to their community through one day of volunteering. In the Mexico City Campus, last year, two local schools were chosen, and more than 100 university students, professors and alumni gathered to benefit these schools. Within a series of activities to rehabilitate En savoir plus surAteliers de la journée des bénévoles (en Mexique)[…]

Spin the wheel of circular economy

Finally, the summer has come. Holidays! You head towards the airport, with your 55x40x20 suitcase, hoping that Ryanair won’t check it into the aircraft hold. All of a sudden, you notice that pulling it gets heavier, as if you were dragging it. Damn! The wheel is broken. Well, it doesn’t matter, one last journey and En savoir plus surSpin the wheel of circular economy[…]

The effects of COVID-19 in air pollution

We are all aware of the huge impact that COVID-19 pandemic will have in most of the population, both in an economic and social way. The final consequences of this situation are still unknown, but there are some ambits where a change of paradigm is starting to visualize, being the environmental one of the principals. En savoir plus surThe effects of COVID-19 in air pollution[…]

Atelier au centre civique Pla del Bonaire (Terrassa, Barcelone) – [English]

Last January we carried out a workshop in Pla del Bonaire Civic Center, located in the city of Terrassa, Barcelona province. Pla del Bonaire is a sociocultural facility where various citizen activities are carried out, such as indoor sports, educational activities, arts and music among many others. Additionally, this center receives daily a group of En savoir plus surAtelier au centre civique Pla del Bonaire (Terrassa, Barcelone) – [English][…]

Atelier au Lycée d’Argentona (Barcelone) [English]

Last October, on the occasion of the delegates and eco-delegates seminar of Argentona’s high school, the Sustainability by Education team was invited to carry out its opening, which consisted on a two-hour workshop where we talked about our consumption habits and we focused on the modification of tiny aspects that may generate a huge impact. En savoir plus surAtelier au Lycée d’Argentona (Barcelone) [English][…]

How to generate from solar energy in our home without installing PV panels on the roof?

Solar panels are well known by being installed in our rooftops or in large solar plants. In this blog, it has been also mentioned how floating solar panels have been already installed in some regions. Now, we are going to focus on the photovoltaic energy that could be obtained in a building itself. Even if En savoir plus surHow to generate from solar energy in our home without installing PV panels on the roof?[…]

Produits de proximité – Est-ce toujours la meilleure option? [ENG]

After decades of outsourcing and a stronger craving of consumers for exotic and foreign products, the last years have shown an increasing interest of buying locally produced goods, most importantly among them being food. One of many examples worldwide is city of Graz, in Austria, which developed its own label to support local food; another En savoir plus surProduits de proximité – Est-ce toujours la meilleure option? [ENG][…]