Empowering future generations through education

What do we do?

We design and carry out interactive workshops for students with the main aim of raising awareness about the need for adopting a sustainable behaviour

We focus in topics such as climate change, renewable energies, responsible consumption, electric mobility and other sustainability-related topics

Based on the United Nations SDG

Our workshops are based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, including Clean Energy (#7), Responsible Consumption (#12) and Climate Action (#13)

Different Cultural backgrounds

We have collaborators all around the world, who have raised awareness by means of our workshops in Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Mexico

Multiple Centers and Age Groups

Schools, cultural centers, libraries and scouts’ groups have participated in our workshops, with students ranging from 6 to 17 years old

Adaptability and Time Lenght

We try to adapt to the existing curriculum of each institution in order to develop a unique 2-hours workshop, but maintaining a common basis internally designed

About us

Creative and interactive workshops, organized by young and passionate engineers

Sustainability by Education was created in January 2018 with the main aim of bridging the gap between sustainability and young students.

Having identified the shortcomings of the current educational system when trying to relate enviromental issues with societal and economical consequences, we decided to develop our own educational content, mainly based on 2-hours workshops, where theory explanation is mixed with interactive activities.

By means of these workshops, we want to let students discover the relationship between our society and our environment, and how a more sustainable behavior can help change the world for better.

  • Specialized on sustainability, renewable energy and smart cities

  • Former scouts counselours, sports instructors and private lessons teachers

  • Engineers working within the energy and sustainability field

  • In teaching and learning by teaching

Meet us!

The Sustainability by Education team is made up by sustainability enthusiasts from all around the world. Meet its core members and collaborators!



Júlia Bayascas

Co-Founder and General Manager
Location: Barcelona
Renewable Energies Master’s student with a background on Industrial Engineering. Enthusiast about education and eager to contribute in creating a better world. Passionate about music and artistic sports. Experience as a synchronized swimming coach and tutor.

Eloi Delgado

Barcelona Area Manager
Location: Barcelona
Energy engineer with a background on the design of mechanical and electrical projects for buildings now specializing in renewable energy. I am passionate about sport and nature, and I possess good communication and leadership skills.

Martin Ferrer

Instructor & Content Developer
Location: Barcelona

Marta Llovera

Instructor & Content Developer
Location: Barcelona

Eloi Bigas

Paris Area Manager
Location: Paris
Double degree student in Renewable Energies with a background on Industrial Engineering and a strong passion for art and culture, specifically cinema. Six years of experience working as an instructor and director of a Leisure Center in Barcelona, working with children from 5 to 17 years of age.

David Córcoles

Co-Founder & Athens Manager
Location: Athens
Double degree student in Renewable Energies with a background on Aerospace Engineering. With passion for contributing to build a better world to live in. Music lover; plays piano, guitar and drums. Experience teaching maths & science to teenagers.

Natalia Escobosa

Co-Founder & Mexico City Manager
Location: Mexico City
Passionate engineer with high praise for social development and education. BSc. Sustainable Development Engineer and MSc. Energy Engineer, currently working in the German International Cooperation for Sustainable Development in Mexico.

Leon Haupt

Co-Founder & Nuremberg Manager
Location: Nuremberg
Sustainability enthusiast with passion for clean energy and education. Graduate of the InnoEnergy Master’s School and currently working in Germany in the energy sector.

Esteban Pastor

Co-Founder & Valencia Manager
Location: Valencia

Miriam Peñarroya

Instructor & Content Developer
Location: Copenhagen

Sebastián Zaera

Co-Founder & Buenos A. Manager
Location: Buenos Aires
Industrial Engineer and master’s student in Renewable Energies. Convinced about the power of education to make impactful changes. Experience as Assistant Professor in Universidad de Buenos Aires

Special thanks to our collaborators in workshops around the world

Vicenç Calduch


Carla Cannone


Erika dal Monte


Dyna Hafyane


Soukayna Ahdida


Najlae Bouhi


Vania Hernández


Kevin Rengifo


Marcos Salido



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